More About Me

I appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.
Thank you for reading! I was raised by parents whose
families emigrated from The Netherlands to find a better life in the U.S.
Their work ethic was passed on to me and my siblings. We grew some of
our own food and raised animals. I taught myself to ride horses while still
young and cared for newborn calves and my brood of horses. Those efforts
as a child stayed with me to adulthood and is now demonstrated as I
collaborate with buyers and sellers. My goal is to always work diligently to
negotiate the best price and terms possible for my clients’ homes, while
keeping the process as stress-free as possible.

My parents owned a construction company and decided to remodel our own
home in between their paid projects. We moved from floor to floor during
the two-year remodel process. Living in a construction zone seemed
normal to me, and I believe that is when I realized I wanted to build or
remodel my own home someday.

That dream became a reality when I was the general contractor of my own
home in 1998. I repeated the process in 2004 on another new home. Since
then, I have completed nine remodels. The knowledge I gained has really
been helpful during my years as a Realtor. When showing homes, I can spot
problems and recommend solutions. When clients need a good electrician
or plumber, I am often asked for a referral. Prior to becoming a Realtor, I
was a high school teacher in Los Angeles and later, in Bellevue. Now I
teach my clients what constitutes a quality home, while providing
information regarding various building materials, or correct construction
methods. I believe these different career choices really helped me to
become the very best Realtor I can be, a career which I thoroughly enjoy.

In my spare time, I volunteer as a King County Master Gardener, dispensing
free plant advice to residents who need their plant problems solved with
reliable advice. I also love dispensing that advice to my clients, with
questions regarding their “new” gardens. Hiking, pet sitting and traveling
to exotic destinations round out the remainder of my free time. Oh, and
remodeling my 10th home…..while living in it!