More About Me

I appreciate the opportunity to earn your business and
thought it might be helpful to give you some information
about myself. I was raised by parents whose families
emigrated from Holland in order to find a better life in the US.
Their hard work ethic was passed on to me and my siblings.
We grew some of our own food and raised animals. I taught
myself to ride horses while still very young and hand-raised
calves, chickens and sheep. That hard work as a child stayed
with me to adulthood, and is evidenced now as I work with
buyers and sellers. My goal is to always work diligently to
negotiate the best price and terms possible for my clients.

Later on as I grew, my dad transformed himself into a
carpenter and started a construction business. He started
building small homes and eventually grew the company into
one which built banks, schools, roads, even the Port of Everett
which used to be a swamp. I was often drafted to help, even
driving his dump trucks at the Port of Everett spreading fill dirt.

My fondness for new construction grew into becoming a
general contractor and building two homes for myself. This
skill has really been helpful during my years as a Realtor.
When colleagues in the office need a good electrician or
plumber, I am often asked who to use. Since then I have also
experienced “flipping” homes. I periodically attend
foreclosure auctions attempting to secure another project
home. Prior to building houses, I was a high school teacher in
Los Angeles and later, in Bellevue. Now I teach my clients
what constitutes a quality home or the art of flipping, all the
while handing out bits and pieces of information regarding
construction or various building materials. I believe these
different career choices really helped me to be the very best
Realtor I can be, a career which I thoroughly enjoy.

In my spare time, I volunteer as a King County Master
Gardener, dispensing free plant advice to local residents who
need their plant problems solved with reliable advice. I also
love dispensing that advice to my clients, with questions
regarding their “new” gardens. In addition, I teach classes to
first-time home buyers through the Washington State Housing
Finance Commission. It's a group of buyers I have a passion
for and I love the way they soak up new information!